Sleep Better with A Better Quality Mattresses

Why Our Mattresses Are Better

   First and foremost the use high quality foams that do not use harmful chemicals and have low VOCs. All foams are CertiPUR- US certified. You can sleep easy knowing that you are sleeping on a bed that will not cause you harm. To Learn more Visit

Copper Infused Performance Foam 

CoolingGel Memory Foam 

Support Sense Comfort 

Kelv-Cool Graphite -Infused high Density Memory Foam 

All Night Comfort +TM (ANC+) Foam 


IsoCore (TM) support system with edge zoning Individually Wrapped Coils 

Second We use Zoned, tempered, steel Coils. Tempered steal has a memory so when you bend it the steel will bounce back to the original form. Making your bed last longer and feel better. 

  • Unique design ergonomically supports the body to reduce partner disturbance
  • Ultra responsive support and customized comfort with individual coil movement 

Zoned Coils-  To keep your spine aligned we used zoned coils. This allows for support where you are heaviest and less support where you are lighter, Keeping your spine aligned.

   Why Renue is a Better Mattress


Copper Infusion Is a better sleep breakthrough with amazing benefits listed below  


Perfect Temperature 

                     Copper is one of the most conductive metals known to man. Renue's premium copper performance foam provides advance cooling and quick recovery by regulating temperature to keep you comfortable for a deeper sleep 



       Copper is naturally biostatic, Acting as a defense against germs as bacteria growth is inhibited on its surface 

 Also helps resist the formation of ODOR, Providing a fresh, clean bed night after night



Stimulates Energy and Vitality with Renewal Enhancing properties 

    Cutting edge research on the benefits of copper suggest it provides soothing relief of aches and pains by improving circulation, reducing tissue inflammation and rejuvenating sore muscle fibers 

 Responsive Support 

  Copper- Infusion Technology delivers responsive firming providing a customized support for key areas and making RENUE an excellent choice for all sleeping positions 

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Craftsman provides straightforward collection of mattresses that are expertly engineered with Superior Value. 

Hand Crafted in America since 1939 with only the highest quality materials for durability and comfort.  

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