About Us

We believe that the best way to live “your best life” is to sleep your best sleep. 


Our experience has been that when we get good sleep we live better and fuller lives. That’s why we started Live Better Sleep Better. We were sick and tired of mattresses that just didn’t hold up. That made left us feeling groggy in the morning. We wanted a different lifestyle than the one we had of feeling sore and achy to one that was refreshed and ready for the day. 


We went to some of the big box chains where we discovered mattress quality was not very great and the prices for something decent seemed impractical. So we decided to find a way we could share a lifestyle of better sleep for more people. To get good quality mattresses and bedding at prices that are affordable for everyone. 


We are a family business and are so humbled and grateful you are taking time to look at our company and shop with us. Thank you.