Luxury Sheets

Sleep Better with some of the finest sheets in the world.

Premium Luxury Sheets

The very best materials, the finest weaves, and impeccable craftmanship. These are the kind of sheets you don’t hide away in the linen closet. Sweet dreams..


Pillows that make you sleep better and sleep longer.


Finding the right mattress is one of the most important buying decisions you will make!

Living Better Means Sleeping Better

You will spend about 26 years in bed, That's why we are constantly making efforts to bring you the best quality bedding! 

We want you to sleep well,  We wanted to bring you items that touch on all the sleep senses. 

With some of the softest most comfortable bedding.

Smells and sounds that will lull you to sleep. 

and items to block out the light



Customer Reviews 

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  • "I won't sleep in anything other then my Tencel sheets. They are so incredibly soft and luxurious. We went to a hotel last week and they had nice cotton sheets, but after having Tencel the cotton sheets feel like sleeping with sand paper."

    -Marianne S.
  • "We have bought multiple items from Live better Sleep better. We love everything we have bought. My daughter was having troubles sleeping and my friend told me about the lavender pillows. We have been giving her a sleep aid to help her fall asleep. Since we bought the pillow we have not had give her any sleep aids."

    -Natalie J.
  • " I bought the sented pillows for a Christmas present. My wife and daughters love them!! Something unique and different from the same old same old!"

    -Kerry S. 

  • "After looking around at many option I found this website and purchased the Renue memory foam mattress. I have had the best sleep ever. I love the cooling that the copper provides. It just helps me fall asleep and stay asleep"

    -Greg P.
  • " The mask is beautiful. keep in mind that it’s not adjustable. Which is great because it doesn't get caught in your hair. Elastic stretches out over time, but the gathered design will make it easy to put in a little stitch when need to tighten it. It is very soft and I would highly recommend"

    Helen L. 

  • Sleep Like A Baby
Consistent background noise may help to counteract harmful effects of other noise during sleep allowing you to remain asleep and fall asleep faster.